No one grows up becoming a website developer without studying and practising. Website Developers have gone through a lot of lessons, experiences and have made various mistakes.

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.”

— Winston S. Churchill

To become a great website developer, you need to know and learn the life of a website developer.

1. Learn the essential programming languages

A picture showing the types of programming languages

The first thing you need to know is, website developers, have learnt and practised various programming languages.

Top programming languages website developers use are Python and Java.

Programming languages website developers use have similarities, learn it

Similarities of common programming languages are

  • You don’t learn the language, you learn its framework.
  • They perform actions in a repeated manner.
  • They store temporary values/variables.
  • Some reuse code such as functions.
  • Website Developers perform an arithmetical or logical operation on the information in memory.
  • They require a basic knowledge of Mathematics.
  • Web Developers store and retrieve information from memory.

2. Website developers have made tons of mistakes

Like they say Take chances, make mistakes. That’s how you grow.

A person holding a phone and also working on a laptop to build a website

Most website developers made mistakes during their beginning stage and a few are still make these mistakes, so learn from these mistakes, a few mistakes developers have made are

· Writing code without planning.

· Writing an invalid syntax.

· Using the wrong data structures.

· Not writing tests for your code.

· Using the wrong data tools.

· Misunderstanding a code.

· Overcomplicating things.

· Not backing up your progress.

3. What do great website developers have in common?

4. What kind of developer are you?

A person operating a laptop on a desk with a cup of ice beside the laptop

· The newcomer who has absolutely idea what he/she is doing.

· The one who is always looking for an easy way out.

· The one who wants to learn just one programming language.

· The one who wants to learn it all but isn’t taking the right steps.

· The one who leads and teaches other developers the way.

· The one who knows learning never stops and keeps on learning.

The best kind of developers are the ones who teach, lead and never stop learning, choose to be the best kind of developer.


To be a website developer, you need to learn the programming languages, you will also make mistakes and learn from it, you have to learn and embody the characteristics of a developer and start learning and practising.

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