Top 3 Things To Consider While Applying For Remote Jobs

A lot of people considered the idea of remote jobs due to social distancing when COVID 19 happened, but nowadays, social distancing isn’t the only reason why people want to work remotely. People have actually seen the perks to working remotely and the news has spread that working remotely is now the best new thing to happen to the employment industry.

In a survey of 669 CEOs by PwC, 78% agree that remote job collaboration is here to stay for the long term.

Also, a survey by Owl labs found out that 59% of job seekers would be more likely to choose an employer who offered remote jobs than those who don’t.

Some reasons why people have decided to work remotely are, well first and foremost, like I said earlier one of the major reasons was due to social distancing, but now other reasons have been considered such as:

  • Employees spend less on transport fare,
  • A flexible lifestyle,
  • Better health and wellness for employees
  • Some employees gain a renewed passion for their job when they start working remotely,
  • Due to the flexible schedule, there is a better work-life balance
  • Job seekers and employees have access to a broader range of job opportunities that aren’t limited by geographic location
  • Employees can create a comfortable home office.
  • Reduction of carbon footprint
  • Employees can easily care for a health issue or disability they have.
  • Freedom to work anywhere

I have enjoyed all of these and more while working for one of the best and most resourceful companies I know – Momentum by WayMaker Digital.

So today, I am going to share with you how you can get remote jobs, I have lived and breathed by these simple ways and I applied all of these ways when I applied for my job at WayMaker Digital.

1. Check for the job location

One thing people seem to misunderstand is just because a job is remote doesn’t mean they will accept applicants from all locations. Some companies offer remote jobs from specific countries, this can be due to time differences, political reasons, language barriers, and so many other reasons.

So when applying for a job, check if the company takes applicants from your geographical location.

However, some companies accept jobs from all locations, in this case, it doesn’t matter where you are, you can apply for the job. Companies like Google, Zapier, Amazon take applicants from all locations.

So when applying for a remote job, make sure to check if your geographical location is acceptable for that job. Ways you can do this is by

  • Read the job description fully, some companies will state in the job description which countries are allowed to apply
  • Do your own research (DYOR)
  • Check the Frequently asked questions (FAQs) on their website, you might find the answer there
  • Ask from employees of the company, you can reach out to some employees on LinkedIn or by email

So, the important thing here is to make sure the companies you apply to accept applicants from your geographical location

2. Make sure you meet the job requirements

When I say job requirements, I don’t mean your qualifications, there are other aspects of job requirements, these include job location, language, skills, experience, certificates, licenses, job duties, work hours, job role, etc

Don’t just go ahead and apply for any job just because it is remote, and then skip the job requirement, no this is a waste of your time and it is also a wrong process. Most companies take job requirements seriously if the job is remote or not.

There are two types of people who apply to jobs they are not qualified for: First, we have the people who read the job requirement, know they do not meet the job requirement and still apply and the second type is the people who don’t even read the job requirements at all and just apply.

If you are among any of these sets of people, ask yourself these questions when you are applying for remote jobs. Do I  really want to be disappointed and feel bad anytime I  get a rejection email? No! You don’t want to. Also, ask yourself this question – Do I want to waste my precious time applying for jobs, I am certainly sure I don’t meet the job requirements? I am sure the answer here is No! too. So stop applying to jobs in which you don’t meet the job requirements.

In case you are asking yourself how do I know if I am fit for this job or how do I check the job requirements. You can do this in 2 simple ways

a) Read the job requirement: This includes the skills, qualifications, language, certifications, and other requirements they add to the job poster. Stop skipping over the job requirements, read them fully, make sure you understand them, and then check if you fit the job requirements or not. If you don’t have the required experience or expertise, all hope is not lost just yet. You can get all the support, experience and skills you need to succeed via Momentum by WayMaker Digital.

b) Some companies may not put on the job requirement on the job poster, but there is something called “filter” on job websites, this allows you to filter the jobs you are required for. In the filter, you will see categories like language, years of experience, department, age, language, country location, etc. This will help you search for jobs that you are well suited for

3. Decide if a remote job is actually for you

Yes, remote jobs have a lot of advantages and benefits, but it also comes with disadvantages that you may not want to deal with. For instance, if you know you are the kind of person that can’t work from home and you don’t want to get a small office space at home, then remote work may not be for you. Other disadvantages that come with remote jobs are lack of workplace social interaction, difficulty to stay motivated, less collaboration, need for high self-discipline, and also cyber security. While you consider the advantages of remote jobs, consider the disadvantages as well.

Apart from the disadvantages, remote workers need to have some qualities that they will need to learn and build over time. Here are some qualities of remote workers, check them out to see if you have these qualities and if you don’t, decide if you want to work on them or not

Here are some qualities remote workers should have

·         Self-Discipline and Great Organizational Habits

·         Be Adaptable and Flexible

·         Excellent communication skills

·         Self- Management

·         Effective and Efficient troubleshooting skills

·         Be motivated and responsible

·         High collaborative and communication skills  

·         Personal Accountability

·         Be resourceful

·         Be interested in career growth


So, here you have it, the 3 top ways to apply for remote jobs, apply this in your job search today and let us know how it goes. If you

Before I go, let me give you the names of a few companies that accept remote workers: GoogleAmazonZapier10upWayMaker DigitalBufferInVisionDoistGitlabTime doctorFacebookKnackMomentum by WayMaker DigitalSlackSkillshareTwitter, Ontop, and Gladly.

Remember before you start applying for remote jobs, make sure you check the 3 important things I listed above.

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