The Culture, Lifestyle, Religion And Sports Of Australians.

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Australia is known as one of the major and largest countries in the world, but this is not all. People talk about the size, the fruits, the scary animals, the job opportunities in Australia, the weather, and their amazing architecture, but this isn’t all that Australia is known for. No one talks about the amazing and shocking details of the Australian culture.

Australia is one of the major and largest countries in the world, it has a temperate climate that influences their style of dressing, it also has a population of over 25 million people with most of its citizens being Caucasian, a few Asian, Irish, German and aboriginal citizens.

Australians are also called Aussies.

The popular Australian culture is diverse, and their culture is shown in their mode of dressing, religion, language, sports, relationships, and etiquette.


A picture showing the alphabets in the English Language

The official Australian language is English. The English language spoken in Australia is a bit inconsistent with the common English language in areas such as accent, grammar, and spelling.

Some differences include;

arvo: afternoon,

Aussie: Australian,

mozzie: mosquito,

sunnies: sunglasses,

brekkie: breakfast,

roo: the kangaroo.

Other languages spoken in Australia include Mandarin, Italian, Greek, Cantonese, and Arabic.


A picture showing a young boy wearing shorts and carrying a surfboard in Australia

When it comes to culture for Australians, their way of clothing stands out, their ways of clothing was influenced by their temperate climate condition.

There is a famous saying in Australia called “slip, slop, slap, seek, slide” which was used to create awareness in 1980 for cancer in Australia, slip on protective clothing for the body such as T-shirt, slop on sunscreen SPF 30, slap on a hat, seek shelter and slide on sunnies.

This famous term became indirectly incorporated in their clothing and most Aussies are seen wearing enough protective clothing, sunnies and hat.

Other clothing Aussies wear are; surfboard shorts, sulu, Punjabi shirts, and loose-flowing sarong. Australians also dress depending on their workplace, style, climate, funds and other factors


A picture of a woman opening a gift box

Good etiquette is generally practised by Aussies. Aussies are punctual for formal and relaxed informal meetings.

Their greetings are quite casual, they shake hands and give first names when meeting new people and they try to build good relationships between people from their country or other countries.

Aussies give out gifts during Christmas, birthdays, parties, get together or meetings, and gifts are opened politely right after they are received in front of the giver, gifts such as wine, chocolate, flowers or a small amount of cash are highly appreciated by Aussies.


Even with the diversity of Australians in their clothing, food, and language, the one thing that seems to have less diversity in their religion is, Most Australians practice Christianity as their type of religion, only a few are non-Christians.

Australians are very religious and their religion is practiced in their everyday lifestyle and has become a part of their culture. Religion has played an important role in education, health, welfare, building relationships, and developing the community.

The major Churches in Australia are mostly Anglican and Catholic churches. Aussies celebrate religious holidays such as Easter, Christmas and Boxing Day


A picture of two surfers carrying a surfboard in the sea

Another thing that brings Australians together is sports. The obsession of Australians with sport is overwhelming.

Sports such as tennis, rugby, cricket, swimming, basketball, surfing always have a way of bringing Aussies together. Massive sporting events are planned yearly.

The sporting events and activities create social interaction for all age groups, it creates physical activities for Aussies and develops the community as well as the Welfare in Australia.

Australia is a multicultural society, from their language to clothing and sports. If you ever find yourself in Australia or you have plans to travel to Australia, enjoy their diverse culture, try on some clothes, eat different kinds of Australian food, participate in their sports, and have an awesome time.

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