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Stop Wasting Money on Marketing – Measure ROMI!

Are you tired of throwing money into marketing activities without knowing if they’re paying off? Let’s talk about the one magic formula that can help you make sense of your marketing budget – the Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI). ROMI is the ultimate performance measure that helps you calculate the net profit generated by your marketing investments. Sounds intimidating? Fear not! It’s simply the net profit from a marketing investment divided by the costs of the marketing investment, multiplied by

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A frustrated man

5 Reasons Why You are Stuck at Your Job

At some point in your career, you are likely to be stuck at your job. Being stuck at your job is one of the reasons why the job economy isn’t getting better. To improve the job economy and prevent you from being stuck at some point in your career journey, you must invest in yourself like never before, take a few classes, look for new opportunities, challenge yourself, discover the skills you enjoy doing the most, and learn how to

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A dissatisfied customer shouting

How To Deal With Dissatisfied Customers

A dissatisfied customer is one who feels a business did not provide a product or service as expected. Customer dissatisfaction happens when your product or service falls beyond your customer’s expectations or has many shortcomings. 2 Major Reasons for Customer Dissatisfaction 1. Not knowing the customer’s expectations. 2. Not meeting the customer’s expectations: This occurs in various ways A customer becomes dissatisfied when the product or service did not meet their expectations. A customer becomes dissatisfied when he/she compares the

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A person planning out User experience research with a pencil and paper

Why User Experience Research is Essential to Business Growth and Success

Nigeria has over 96 million people with access to tech, yet the full potential of tech isn’t being accessed by a majority. Have you ever dreamed of working in Tech without knowing how to code? Keep on reading In Tech, there are lots of jobs and technical skills that don’t involve coding at all. For instance design, data analysis, setting up systems and processes, project management, technical writing and user (experience) research. User Experience research is one of the technical

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Artificial Intelligence

Is Artificial Intelligence Replacing Your Job?

This question has been asked by employees and business owners for decades now, with quality research and knowledge, we can finally answer that question. Will Artificial intelligence replace your job? This article will answer that question by explaining what is AI, the usefulness of AI, which jobs can AI replace, which jobs AI can’t replace, why AI can replace your job, why AI can’t replace your jobs, and what you can do about it. What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)? Artificial

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