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Despite the fact that sales and marketing are clearly two separate roles within a business, their responsibilities sometimes overlap and they must work together to achieve the company’s objectives. What is this relationship they have and how do they interact.?

Marketing attracts leads and builds relationships with prospects by creating and distributing high-quality and targeted content across different channels. These channels can be online such as social media, websites, emails or offline such as television marketing, flyers, radios and billboards.

This content targeted to the prospects will make the prospect aware of the product, connect with them, engage with them and build the trust of the prospect until the prospect eventually becomes a lead.

Once a lead is generated, the work is then transferred to sales. Sales will address the specific needs of the customer, provide tailored solutions to each customer, convert leads into customers and gain their loyalty.

Whilst sales and marketing have some clear differences, they both share the same goal: to convert visitors into customers. That’s why it’s so important that sales and marketing work together to accomplish respective goals and ensure the success of the business.

Other reasons why it is so important that sales and marketing work together are:

  • It allows for better-qualified leads: Sales can help marketers to identify the ideal customer persona for the business 
  • The collaboration of sales and marketing provides an outstanding customer experience.
  • It improves key business metrics. This includes a reduced cost-per-sale and a reduction in sale cycle duration.
  • Sales build personal relationships and learn more about customers and needs which can help marketing.
  • Sales can be one of the best sources of market intelligence as they know more about the local markets, competition and customers.

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