Research Proposal

A research is a search of knowledge on a particular topic through different processes such as experimentation and data analysis. A research proposal is a well-written document proposing a research project.

A research proposal is well detailed. It includes the process, aims, objectives, title, methodology, budget, and every other thing that is required of the project.

Reasons for having a research proposal include:

  • It gives a well-detailed and descriptive process of the research.
  • It allows for organization during the research.
  • A research proposal gives a better understanding and meaning to the research.
  • It shows the importance of the project.
  • A proposal can be used to request budget and resources for the research.
  • It allows for better communication between the sponsor or supervisor and the researcher.

There are a few contents that have to be present in your research proposal depending on the research project. A few of the main content in a research proposal include:

1. Research Title

2. Research Abstract

3. Aims and Objectives

4. Background to the study

5. Research Questions

6. Research Methodology

7. Possible Achievements of the Research

8. Schedule or Time Frame of the Research

9. Ethical Approval

10. Resources and Budget

11. References/ Bibliography

Each of the steps are important and requires specific details depending on the research project.

1. The Research Title

Research title

The research title has to be significant to the research question of your project. It has to give an idea of what research you want to do. The topic has to be precise and straight to the point. The research title may be amended during the course of the research.

2. Research Abstract

Research Abstract

The abstract is a summary of the whole research proposal. It introduces the research proposal. It should include the important details of the research proposal such as significance, methodology, and other important content.

The abstract is written after all the other details of the proposal such as aim and objectives, and the background of the study has been written. The abstract should be cited, and it is written in a summary of 100–250 words.

3. Aims and Objectives

Aims and Objectives

The aims and objectives should be explained in the research proposal. It should include the impact of the projects, the purpose of the research, which research question is the research solving, and the importance of the research.

4. Background to the study

Background to the study

Every research project has a background or history. The research proposal should properly explain in detail the background to the study. The background to the study shows:

  • The required historical data or literature.
  • A well-detailed explanation of historical theories.
  • The historical theories related to the research project.

The background to the study helps to

  • The Background to the study explains the history of the topic.
  • It helps to apply the historical knowledge to the research project.
  • The Background to the study will examine the problem statement.
  • It helps to add understanding and knowledge to the projects.

5. Research Questions

Research Questions

Research questions are a priority in research proposals. Research questions have to be listed and the ways in which the question are to be answered have to be listed whether theoretical approach, empirical approach, or analytical approach.

Research questions such as; how to apply the project to your course of study, what contributions do your project make, what new findings are you going to apply to the project, and what related problems will your project solve.

6. Research methodology

Research methodology

The research methodology simply outlines the research methods that will be used for the project. The methods are used to identify select, process, and analyze the data gotten from the research project. It shows the ways in which the research questions will be answered, what sources are going to be used, what kind of analysis to be used, what kind of theoretical resources to be used.

Sources in research methodology include; journals, newspapers, interviews, databases. The analysis includes; content, qualitative, and quantitative.

7. Possible Achievements of the Research

Possible Achievements

The research proposal should state the achievements you are likely to get from this project. This increases the importance and interest.

8. Schedule or Time Frame of the Research

Schedule of the Research

When sending a research proposal to a sponsor or supervisor, it is important to state the time duration of the project. You can even give a detailed schedule by stating the time frame for each process of the research work.

9. Ethical Approval

Ethical Approval

A research project which is going to be conducted on humans requires ethical approval from the ethical board committee of the institution or country. In the research proposal, state if approval has been granted for the project or when and how approval will be granted.

10. Resources and Budget

Resources and Budget

Resources such as research materials and funds for the budget are required during a research project. In the research proposal, you may need to state where or how you are going to acquire the resources and funds needed.

The school or sponsor may decide to provide the funds or resources or it can be gotten from external sources.

11. References/Bibliography


Add References or Bibliographies for all cited works on the research proposal, it should be included in a standard format.

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