How to Make Sales Outreach More Effective With Video Prospecting

Video Prospecting
Video Prospecting

Having unanswered emails and calls are a few of a sales manager’s or a sales representative’s worst nightmares as it affects the success of the company’s sales outreach. Using video prospecting for Sales Outreach is one of the most efficient ways to ensure sales outreach success

Sales outreach is reaching out to prospects or former customers through phone calls, messaging, emails, and social media to engage them in cooperation and persuade them to make a purchase.

A sales outreach uses a few strategies to draw new customers and make cold prospects active again.

One of the best ones is Video prospecting. Video prospecting is one of the best and most efficient ways to ensure the success of sales outreach, over the years, video prospecting has increased open rates by 16%, increased response rates by 26% and,69% of buyers are willing to pay more for a personalized experience using video prospecting, video prospecting closes more deals and videos increases click-through rate by 300%.

What is Video Prospecting?

Video Prospecting is a sales outreach strategy that allows you to get face to face with prospects or former customers through videos, these videos are either in real-time or can be prerecorded to explain the benefits or unique selling proposition of the company’s product or services to them.

The sales videos can be sent via email, social media, or even text messages.

In these videos, the sales representative or sales manager will give a brief introduction, say why they are reaching out and how their products/ services can be of benefit to you. Sales prospecting videos are always kept short, straight to the point, have a personalized pitch, are creative, and always have an effective Call to Action.

Why Should You Use Video Prospecting for Sales Outreach

  • Get Higher Click-Through Rates—Emails that contain videos have 4 times the Click through rates of emails than emails without videos(Inside Sales)

  • Increase in response rate – Sales Video Prospecting leads to a 26% increase in response rates.

  • Close more deals 127% of opportunities in the sales process are more likely to close with Video Prospecting.

  • Video Prospecting helps build genuine relationships with prospects and customers.

  • Makes the sales process personal: 69% of buyers are willing to pay more for a more personalized experience. Video prospecting can produce a personalized experience for sales outreach.

  • Provide authenticity in the sales process.

  • Video prospecting is creative and alluring: Subject lines containing the word “video” are five times more likely to be opened and eight times more likely to produce a response.

The Factors to Consider When Using Video Prospecting for Sales Outreach

In order for video prospecting to be effective, it’s important that the video effectively conveys the brand image, the message of the video, and the product being advertised. To make the most of your video prospecting, consider these factors:

  1. Who is my prospect?
  2. Purpose of the video
  3. When to send the video?
  4. Type of video
  5. Script for the video
  6. How to record the video?
  7. Supporting copy message
  8. Effective Call to Action
  9. Thumbnail or Gif to use
  10. Tools to use

Types of Video Prospecting for Sales Outreach

Video prospecting is also a great way to use sales outsourcing for small businesses with limited growth potential. Here is a list of different types of video prospecting techniques that sales professionals have been using successfully.

  1. Introductions
  2. Micro demos
  3. Video summaries
  4. Support videos
  5. Referral videos
  6. Reminder videos
  7. Demonstration video
  8. Background video
  9. Question video
  10. Personalized video
  11. Follow-up video.
  12. Video summaries.

Best practices for Sales Prospecting Videos

An effective sales prospecting video strategy is key to any successful lead generation campaign. It’s important to have an angle on a business and connect with the audience. To help you out, here are ten sales prospecting video best practices that will maximize your lead generation efforts. Stick these ten practices in your back pocket and watch your sales pipeline grow.

List of the 10 best practices

1.     Keep prospecting videos between 30 seconds to 1 minute.

2.   Always include a call-to-action in a sales video.

3.   Strategize your subject line when using video in sales emails.

4.   Make it personalized and be creative

5.    Know When to Send Personal vs Pre-Recorded Videos

6.   Get Attention With an Animated Preview (GIF) or Video Thumbnail

7.    Be specific & inform your prospect about the next step in purchasing journey.

8.   Build trust through social proof

9.   Use video analytics to continuously improve your performance.

10.   Use the right video prospecting tool  


Do you want to hit and exceed that sales goal? Start using video prospecting for your sales outreach today and enjoy all of its benefits.

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