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We all unconsciously live our lives as data analysts every day and we have probably never noticed.

  • Do you try your solve problems daily or weekly using various research methods?
  • Do you try to research the best way to commute to work?
  • Do you develop or play games?
  • Do you sample different websites before deciding on clothes to buy, food to buy and many others?
  • Do you use social media for networking, marketing or just for having fun?

These activities are simple ways we apply data science to our lives. Data scientists apply this concept and so much more when analyzing data. This unconscious process you do daily can be advanced. You can also use data science to improve your research methods, optimize processes in your life, and improve skills and so much more. Data science has been applied in so many ways and various businesses and careers.

Now, let us learn more about “Data science”.

Data science is the study of data, it involves developing methods for the recording, storing, and analysis of data to extract useful information using various tools. The knowledge of data science will give you an edge above others, it can be applied in all facets of life and it will help you make more informed decisions.

The uniqueness of data science is that it can be applied in so many ways and it has so many courses.


Data science is mostly used for solving problems, business problems, or personal problems such as what kind of house do you want to buy or which route you want to take to work? Data science can be applied in the following ways and more.

  1. To make well-informed decisions.
  2. Application of business intelligence to improve performance.
  3. It is used for digital marketing such as social media marketing, advertising, retargeting, digital billboards.
  4. It creates job opportunities for data scientists.
  5. Speech recognition on Alexa, Siri, or Google assistant.
  6. TV shows, hospitals, supermarkets, social media, and other sectors apply data science to make predictions.
  7. Internet search: all search engines such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo use data science algorithms to present the best results for the searched query within fractions of seconds.
  8. Fraud and risk detection.
  9. Image recognition.
  10. Weather forecast.

To Apply Data Science To Your Everyday Life, Follow These Steps

  • Determine the problem,
  • Collect your data on the solution to the problem,
  • Process the data,
  • Visualize the data,
  • Analyze the data,
  • Apply the analyzed data.


There are other areas of data science we should explore, they are

Data Analysis

Data Analysis is the process of collecting and organizing raw data to process useful information, gathering insights and it helps to ask the right questions from the available data. It also helps to optimize the performance of businesses.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the ability of a computer program, machine or robot to think, act and learn as intelligent beings. AI is applied in various sectors, such as ICAI (intelligent computer-assisted instruction) systems which are used to teach various subjects, AI improved the agricultural sector by, improving yield and increasing the development of crops.

AI can be applied in various careers and sectors. We are all involved in one economic sector or the other, some of us are agriculturists, engineers, lawyers, and so on. AI improves yield and development in various areas.

Machine Learning

Machine learning depends on artificial intelligence, in which computer programs can automatically learn from experience and improve its efficiency without the need to reprogram the system. Machine learning is gradually taking over in technology and it has a lot of great benefits to businesses and individuals.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is one of the top knowledge businesses need to acquire to improve business performance. Business intelligence refers to the process by which business information is collected, integrated, analyzed, and presented. This provides current, past, and predictive information on your business, this can help business owners know what change should be made, what you should and should not be done.


The process involved in data science should be properly carried out; the processes are

  • Data Wrangling

Data wrangling is the process of gathering, accessing and cleaning data through standard methods and various tools. This is a crucial first step in data science. The wrangling of data can be an overwhelming process when using the wrong methods and tools

  • Exploratory Data analysis

This is a knowledge startups, youths and other businesses need to acquire. This is a process in which a data visualization software explains or interprets useful data using visualization such as charts, maps, infographics, and tables. It is used for making decisions, it makes it easy to better understand large data, and businesses use it to show growth, losses, and other useful information

  • Predictive analysis

Predictive analysis is the process of using old and new data to determine future trends and forecasts with the use of inference statistics and machine learning techniques. Predictive analysis is subdivided into; predictive modelling and machine learning.

Predictive modelling employs the use of statistics to predict future outcomes. While, Machine learning depends on artificial intelligence, in which computer programs can automatically learn from past and future experiences and improve its efficiency without the need to reprogram the system.

  • Model deployment and testing

This involves automating the testing, integration, and deployment with CI/CD (continuous integration continuous deployment) tools like Jenkins. Basic understanding of the cloud-like AWS (amazon web services) which includes how to deploy models on AWS sage-maker.


Data science is applied in our everyday life and it can also be applied to other sectors such as healthcare, finance, online shopping, agriculture, logistics, airline planning, entertainment, and game development.

Apart from gaining knowledge in data science, it is best to apply the knowledge, learn the best ways and methods to use data science in your businesses, day to day life for easy workflow, optimum performance, and increased profit at work.


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