New ideas and creativity in technology have been happening over the years. Things that were thought impossible have been made possible through technology. Technology has been praised over the years and has now become something everyone has to learn.

The benefits of technology cannot be overemphasized and now, children are involved in innovations and the future of technology.

Technology has taken over, and children are showing teachers that, they can do more than build sandcastles. Children are making inventions from things they see and use and give special names to each of their inventions. They have built:

  • Do it yourself (DIY) Home cinema: A kid in America created a personal cinema with a box, phone, and paper, creative right? We can expect many other types of home cinema made by this child.
  • Heads up and hands-free smart device holder: The device holds your phone for you while lying down with your heads up. So many ideas are in this kid, we can’t wait for more creations from our children.
  • Natalie’s smart-device Acousticon: This is used to improve the sound of mobile phones, the future of sound engineering belongs to this child.
Natalie’s smart-device Acousticon
Natalie’s smart-device Acousticon
  • Trendy Lego tablet holder: This is simply a tablet holder made from Legos, surely this kid is going to develop amazing inventions through creativity.
  • Balloon-powered toilet roll with wheels: This is a moveable balloon toilet roll with wheels, we can definitely see automobile production in this child’s future.
A kid holding Balloon-powered toilet roll with wheels
Balloon-powered toilet roll with wheels

Labor/time-saving grasscutter: This device attaches a simple grass cutter to the bicycle and this makes cutting grass simple and fun while riding your bicycle. Some kids just want to have fun while working.

A Labor/time-saving grass cutter on a lawn
Labor/time-saving grass cutter
The rubbish eater by Hannah i colors green and brown
The rubbish eater by Hannah

Olly the Ocean Organizer by Daisy 9 years old: Daisy’s solution to clean up the world’s oceans.

Olly the Ocean Organizer by Daisy 9 years old
Olly the Ocean Organizer by Daisy 9 years old
Olly the Ocean Organizer by Daisy 9 years old

Other advanced innovations include;

George Nissen Jumping on a Trampoline
The Trampoline invented by George Nissen
  • The Christmas lights by Albert Sadacca
Christmas lights and a red and white candy cane on a staircase with a decorated christmas tree in the house.
Christmas Light
  • Popsicle invented by 13-year-old Frank Epperson
Pink and white popsicles with cherries by the side
  • Superman: the man of steel was created from the imaginations of 17-year-old Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster
Superman: Man of Steel in a blue and red suit
Superman: Man of Steel

But where did all these innovations from children start:

It all started with curiosity and creativity. Most children don’t know to react to their curiosity, because as children grow up, they become more familiar with their surroundings. They want to know why things work and why they work that way. They tend to look at the television and wonder how the images are being made. They wonder how the games on phones are being made. And as children, they never stop being inquisitive.

This inquisitiveness, creativity, and guidance of teachers and parents led children to build other things other than sandcastles. We as teachers helped them with their curiosity by introducing them to Legos, playing with a Rubik’s cube, and introducing computer games as well as creating STEM Classes.

However, with our help, teaching, and support, children in different grades have outdone us and shown us they can do better.

This led to

1. Increase in STEM classes for children

2. No age limit on the future of technology

3. Increased job employment for teachers

4. Improved innovations in technology

5. Creation of innovations by kids such as The Trendy Lego tablet holder and Christmas lights

Now, Children have started attending classes in technology and making contributions in technology in areas such as Robotics, 3D modelling, coding, and game development.

A child building a robot
A child building a robot

We as teachers believe our children can do more than build sandcastles, and we can’t wait to see and support what other inventions they are going to make.

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