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Have you ever heard of the word “do not keep all your eggs in one basket?”

This is what most developed countries all over the world like Canada, the United States of America are all doing and that is simply what global diversification means.

Global diversification is an investment strategy in which countries spread out their portfolios by investing in various markets from other countries in the world to manage risks and minimize loss.

Global diversification is executed globally due to its wide range of advantages,

Some of its advantages are:

● It minimizes risk: When the country’s portfolio is diversified, some investments will bring profits while some will bring losses, this way, risks can be managed.
● Generating revenues: Investments that bring profits will definitely generate revenues for the investors.
● It creates stability in the global financial market.
● It leads to greater returns with fewer risks.
● It boosts the nation’s economy: Global diversification can help boost the economy with the international gains from the various investments made.
● It increases the currency exchange rate: It has a long term effect increase on the country’s portfolio and the portfolio is less prone to risks.
● It conserves the nation’s capital: Not all nations are in the business of increasing capital, some nations engage in global diversification to conserve their capital for future purposes.

Global Diversification is executed in various countries all over the world. Businesses, public and private investors in a country can also carry out global capitalization due to its extensive benefits.

It has been done by various countries and research has shown that it has helped countries with their various investment needs.

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